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Xinke air conditioning sword 5 million new industrial park planning is completed

In the air-conditioning market slowdown in the situation, the 2014 annual new air-conditioning to high-speed growth to bring the whole industry surprise, and now the new air-conditioning compared to the past has been reborn. In 2014, the new air-conditioning in technology, products, marketing, reputation and other aspects of a comprehensive upgrade, bringing sales growth of high growth, sales growth of 138% over the previous year, whether it is product quality, marketing team, after-sales service, market strategy and so on Can be comparable with the mainstream brands, from the amount to the quality of the leap.

Talent strategy, innovation strategy and brand strategy is the development of new air conditioning in 2014 strategy, through the Pan Keqing and Shu Lehua as the representative of the marketing, technical personnel to join, to stimulate the vitality of the new air conditioning marketing team, but also enhance the strength of the entire R & D team to build New Division air conditioning product competitive advantage. To continue to introduce new high-quality ammunition, the new branch sales team in the 2014 market hit the battle. 2014, the number of new air conditioning agents doubled, nearly 300, Anhui, Hebei, Shandong, Guangxi and other three four blank market now all the points to complete.

“The situation has been initially open,” This is Pan Keqing on the new air conditioning in the market evaluation. Through a tough battle in 2014, all aspects of the new air-conditioning have received a good evaluation on the market, and the 2015 work in an orderly manner, which entered the steady rise of the channel.

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Fengrong Group recently reported that the first half of the year sales of 2 billion yuan, is expected to complete the annual sales of 3.5 billion yuan, while the new year’s target release, 2015 Fengrun Group sword 5.5 billion yuan sales Scale, which Xinke air conditioning plus Friends of the Austrian electrical sales target lock 2.8 million units, of which the new air-conditioning domestic target 1.6 million units, export 200,000 units, the next three years to strive for more than 500 million units.

Consumption of blank areas, strengthen the weak area is the focus of the new air-conditioning 2015 work, has now set up a new Tianjin, Shanxi production center. “As long as there is a place to sell air-conditioning, there will be a new section,” he said, adding that “2015 will continue to double the sales, service and market, and make a manpower reserve for the market development. Guangdong, Northeast And other places are vigorously developed in the new year. “Guangdong is China’s air-conditioning market in the city, the market capacity and many mainstream brands entrenched in this; Northeast market maturity is lower than the East China and other places, the blank market, so the two parts of the market Effective development will make the new air-conditioning in brand awareness and sales to obtain double income. 2015, the new air-conditioning will be on these two areas of human, material, financial and other resources on the tilt.

On the one hand is the channel development work continues to strengthen, on the other hand new product development work in full swing. Xinke air conditioning in 2014 annual marketing summary, Shu Lehua said that the upcoming 15-year new products, increase the intensity of new product development, quality and quantity to fully cooperate with the sales system to achieve the goal. Xinke will soon launch in addition to PM2.5 air conditioning and intelligent air conditioning to meet the more diverse and mainstream market demand. “The intelligence is the development trend of the whole industry, and the new department should have such product configuration to enter the mainstream brand camp.”

Pan Keqing also told the Aiken home appliance reporter revealed a new good news, the new new electrical industrial park has been planned to complete, covering 600 acres, located in Changzhou Wujin, to produce intelligent air conditioning, air purifier, mobile air conditioning the Lord. He said: “According to our sales plan, the current factory a total of eight production lines, production capacity will soon keep up, the new production base is imperative.”

“Good quality and good life” This is the new concept of air-conditioning brand, and 2015 the brand image will be a large area to the end consumer display. As the industry veteran air conditioning brand, many users of the new section of the air conditioning is still feeling, and after the rebirth of the new air conditioning is now active to pass to consumers, marketing indispensable. After the Spring Festival in 2015, CCTV, local media and other large areas of the new division of the new image, boost the new air conditioning quickly seize the terminal market, among the ranks of mainstream brands.

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