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TCL and Deli Delan mobile air conditioning plant put into operation

At the beginning of the new year, TCL together with the Italian company to build the world’s largest mobile air conditioning, dehumidifier base – TCL Delong home appliances factory officially put into operation.
This means that TCL air conditioning has formed its own independent air conditioning industry chain: TCL Rui Zhi compressor, TCL home air conditioning, central air conditioning, TCL Delong mobile air conditioning and dehumidifier to form a four-wheel drive. TCL Group President Li Dongsheng said that in the next few years, TCL Group will be through joint ventures and other forms of air conditioning, white and other traditional home appliance industry development and growth.

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TCL Delong Household Appliances Co., Ltd. total investment of 12.5 million US dollars, TCL and Delong were 50% of the shares. Company manufacturing base in May 28, 2005 groundbreaking, the factory covers an area of ​​49,000 square meters, now has three of the world’s most advanced mobile air conditioning and dehumidifier production line. It is expected that this year the company will produce and sell 500,000 mobile air conditioning and dehumidifier, the total capacity in 2008 will reach 1.5 million units, will become the world’s largest mobile air conditioning and dehumidifier production base.

According to Delong’s plan, with the TCL Delong household appliances company’s growing capacity, Delong will be within two years to the global range of mobile air conditioning and dehumidifier production all transferred to the joint venture with TCL. According to reports, TCL Delong will develop and manufacture TCL and Delong two brands of products, TCL brand mobile air conditioning and dehumidifier will be listed in the domestic market after the Spring Festival.

According to reports, in the huge market pressure, 2005 TCL air conditioning is still maintained an average growth rate of 37%, for three consecutive years to become the fastest growing domestic brands, especially export, growth rate of more than 50%.

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