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Global Smart Universal: Making China Made Again Great

From the user needs to start with the originality of intelligent technology to create a strong black technology, not only the achievements of the high unparalleled advantages of Zhigao, but also led and led the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, and thus the popularity of intelligent air conditioning to promote the flames The And this is not only reflected in the domestic market, with the “high-end, intelligent, globalization,” the three strategies of the footsteps and product strength and brand power of continuous improvement, Zhigao air conditioning is ushered in the global market detonation period.

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“We hope to bring the brand and quality to the global market and become a world-class new endorsement made by China, so that China’s manufacturing is once again great,” said Li Xinghao, Chairman and President of Zhigao Group. The smart king 4 generation, it is the high in the global market, “let the Chinese manufacturing once again great” weapon.

From the world’s first intelligent cloud air-conditioning to the first to draft the intelligent industry standards, from the smart series of innovative iterations to leading the intelligent-oriented air-conditioning 3.0 era, as high intelligence to the elaborate layout as the starting point, High-end market advance. At the same time, Zhigao continue to increase the intensity of the brand to the sea, not only with the international star Jackie Chan contract for ten years to enhance the brand’s international influence, and three times landing New York Times Square, and has the United States NASCAR car race, the Spanish “King Cup” , To accelerate the expansion of overseas territory with the perspective of globalization.

With the field of air conditioning has been focused and invariable mind, as well as the ultimate pursuit of the user experience, as high in the global market news. Zhigao holding 2017 semi-annual report shows that revenue growth of 20.7% year on year, both in China and overseas markets Qi Qi increased.

The rise of the high degree of globalization, not only in the performance data, but also in the global market penetration and layout. At present, Zhigao marketing network all over the seven continents, overseas sales network covering more than 200 countries and regions, of which independent brands have been sold to more than 150 countries and regions. It is worth mentioning that, by “take all the way” building Dongfeng, Zhigao in the country along the country to promote its own brand, market performance growth is more impressive. It is understood that the high air-conditioning in the “area along the way” the country’s market share of about 10%, that is, every 10 air-conditioning, there is a high from the high.

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