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Ebara Centrifuge won the bid for China Mobile air conditioning project

2015 Ebara original power of the refrigeration market, the recent is all the way triumphant, the purchase amount of up to 15 million of China Mobile Guangdong data center air conditioning Jicai project, flowers Yantai Ebara. RTGC series of high-performance centrifuge in many domestic and foreign brands stand out, the first batch of Dongguan data center procurement 1000 cold tons 5, 1300 cold tons 2 sets.

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China Mobile, as the world’s largest network, the largest number of users of communications operators, the current voice from the flow of business transformation, continue to increase investment in cloud computing infrastructure. Network and business of reliable operation, can not be separated from efficient and stable infrastructure, so China Mobile on the data center of the air conditioning procurement technology requirements, strict quality control, so the centralized procurement of manufacturers qualification, product quality and vendor professional level are put forward strict requirements. After the first instance, product testing, manufacturers factory inspection, centralized bidding and other layers of the final Ebara efficient centrifuge with excellent quality, strong professional strength and perfect after-sales service successfully break through, won the data room centrifugal refrigerator maximum share 800-1400 cold tons of cold section of the procurement.

Ebara RTGC series of centrifuges for the national level energy efficiency standards, the use of green refrigerant HFC-134a, together with the unique two efficient centrifugal compressor, an economic device, a wider range of applications, more efficient. Data center customization unit positive pressure design, no need to evacuate the device, compact structure to reduce the occupancy of the engine room, the installation is more simple and easy, and easy to maintain, fully fit the data center air conditioning equipment availability, reliability, high efficiency and other technical requirements.

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