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Basic answers to mobile air conditioning

What is a mobile air conditioner?

A: Mobile air conditioning is the split-type air-conditioning indoor unit, outdoor unit, connecting pipe and professional installation work as a whole, you can always move to the needs of the place, without professional installation, plug the power can adjust the temperature of the overall air conditioning!

Second, what is the characteristics of mobile air conditioning?

A: The characteristics of mobile air conditioning is convenient, save!

A, convenient: no external machine, do not need for the noise outside the machine, heat waves disturb the neighbors and trouble, do not need to worry about the installation location; within the machine has become part of the mobile air conditioning, you can not install, think Cool to be able to cool it; do not need to install the connection tube and then go to the wall; buy home can be charged on the electricity can be cooled, do not have to wait for professional staff to install, free mobile machine at any time, you can easily get their own!

B, save:

a, a machine more room: at any time to move, a mobile air conditioning can control a number of rooms, saving the procurement cost!

b, low-power, local control: in the larger environment or central air conditioning local use of the environment, mobile air conditioning for the need for local space to adjust the temperature, you can quickly achieve the cooling target, and very power! Especially office work overtime, factory exhibition hall, small shops (city and more stores), very power!

c, free mobile: mobile air conditioning is the overall air-conditioning, when the purchase is finished (split air-conditioning purchase is semi-finished products), do not need to install the work, move at any time, plug in the electricity can be used to move easy to get! Such as rental family, field construction office.

Third, the noise of mobile air conditioning?

A: Mobile air conditioning is a whole air conditioning, compressor and two fan motors are inside, in the course of work, will produce a certain sound! Such as TCL mobile air conditioning overall noise level in the global mobile air conditioning is low noise, this is because TCL mobile air conditioning is driven by the father of mobile air conditioning Mr.Zalonin design, plus two noise laboratory support! Normal operation, the wind noise than the two P counter machine is also low!

Fourth, mobile air conditioning can manage how much area?

A: If it is fixed in a room to use, and split the type of air conditioning tube is the same, if used in an open environment, you can manage three to five people use!

5, how to cool air conditioning cooling air conditioning?

amcor portable air conditioner

A: It is the use of exhaust pipe to hot air out of the room or a little bit of the area!

6, mobile air conditioning is a new product? Is quality guaranteed?

A: Mobile air conditioning is the mainstream products in Europe and the United States market, the market has been sold and used for 20 years, and tens of millions of users to prove that the quality of mobile air conditioning is very stable! As the mobile air conditioning is a comprehensive integration of indoor units, outdoor units, connecting pipes and professional installation work, with high technical difficulty and high manufacturing costs, so in the Chinese market or new! TCL mobile air conditioning is produced by the TCL Delong, the factory product quality consistent in the global market simultaneously, the quality of the market in Europe and America is a first-class, I believe that this quality will be recognized by the Chinese people!

Seven, display FAQ.

A: When the display shows “LE” that anti-freeze protection

When in the cooling mode, the safety setting is to prevent the formation of frost, defrosting program is completed, the machine will automatically restart,

This usually occurs when the room temperature is low.

“Ft” indicates that the condensate needs to be discharged, please use it according to the drainage instructions.

“PF” indicates a sensor failure If the warning appears, contact the service center.

Eight, how to drain?

A: Air cooling usually produces condensate! TCL mobile air conditioning condensate will be concentrated on the radiator, on the one hand can enhance the cooling effect, on the other hand will be volatile in the duct, through the hot air to the outdoor!

9, on the exhaust pipe longer problem?

Standard exhaust pipe length of 1.5m, can be lengthened, but the total length of not more than 3m, the principle is because the longer the exhaust pipe heat exchange effect worse. So do not have to lengthen the case of piping as far as possible not to lengthen. Optional accessories lengthen the length of the exhaust pipe 3M, priced at 120 yuan / root, the need to add additional pipe users please specify when buying.

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